Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Rehabilitative Maintenance

Industrial Coating
Industrial Hydro-Blast’s rehabilitative maintenance services focus on restoring our customers’ facilities and equipment to good working condition.  In our capacity for industrial coating services, we provide experienced technical support to determine the system that best suits the customers’ needs and provide a wide range of solutions for containment and tank linings, flooring systems, and painting of industrial equipment.

Pipeline Video Inspection
At Industrial Hydro-Blast we know that a clear understanding of the problem is the key any rehabilitative maintenance project.  Our pipeline inspection services allow us to conduct safe and effective video inspections of all types of piping systems, tanks, silos, and reactors as well as to provide key support to our customers in their search for solutions.  Our explosion proof inspection equipment meets the standards of a wide range of industrial facilities as well as insures safe collection of inspection footage.  

Hydroblast Facility Closure Decontamination Remediation Concrete DemolitionFacility Closure
Our rehabilitative maintenance experience at Industrial Hydro-Blast uniquely qualifies us to handle all aspects of the closure of a facility including its restoration for sale or return to owner. Our capabilities include decontamination and remediation of surfaces and equipment, demolition of equipment and structures, removal of regulated materials, flushing and cleaning of storage tanks and process lines, and cleaning and inspection of storm water systems as well as the disposal of wastes left on site or generated by the cleaning process.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvement
Industrial Hydro-Blast also specializes in the monitoring and rehabilitation of facilities in which indoor air quality has become a concern due to the presence of harmful chemicals, molds, mildews, and other substances such as lead.  Our technicians are experienced in lead paint abatement and the cleaning and decontamination of HVAC systems.  We also specialize in mold and mildew remediation and are able to continually monitor air quality to track the success of these projects.