Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Rehab Maintenance Studies

Mix-Station Coating

A large consumer-goods manufacturing plant was in need of maintenance coating on a chemical mix station on its production line.  Concerns of product contamination and damage to adjacent motors and sensors prohibited the use of conventional abrasive blasting.  Industrial Hydro-Blast utilized water-blasters to remove degraded existing coating and chemical residue, and a high performance epoxy coating system was applied to all equipment.  The project, completed during a short shutdown period, was finished promptly, to the satisfaction of the customer, and without contamination issues.  The post-project review with the client ended with the statement “Thank you for the great job.  This was definitely money well spent."

Food-Grade Tank Cleaning

A food-grade production facility utilizes a 20,000 gallon sugar tank for the large-scale manufacture of fruit juice.  In order for the product to comply with industry quality standards, the tank requires thorough cleaning and contamination testing on a regular basis.  After reviewing the project, Industrial Hydro-Blast waterblasted the tank thoroughly and used a combination of commercial cleaning products and anti-bacterial solutions to remove all residues from the tank’s interior walls.  The customer’s production downtime was limited to one shift and post-project swab tests detected no trace of contaminating elements.    


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