Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Industrial Cleaning

At Industrial Hydro-Blast, water-blasting services help form the Hydro-Blast High Pressure Blastingbackbone of our extensive line of industrial services and capabilities.  Our specialized equipment allows us to operate at a wide range of both pressure (2,000 to over 20,000 psi) and flow (4 to 64 gallons per minute). This provides a versatility that allows us to blast clean everything from storm drains, industrial sewer lines, and soft heavy materials to buildings, fans, ovens, stacks, tanks, heat exchangers, and condensers.  We are also able to remove hardened resins, scale, paint, coatings, concrete, and burned on residues with our higher pressure units.  Our range of water-blasting capabilities ensures that Industrial Hydro-Blast has the applications required to meet the needs of our customers.

Vacuum Truck Services
In addition to water-blasting, vacuum truck services form another key element in our line of industrialHydroblast Vacuum Services, Cyclone Services cleaning solutions.  All of our trucks are able to move both wet and dry materials from even remote and inaccessible locations.  Our cyclone attachment allows us to directly load containers such as drums or roll-off boxes and truck-mounted sludge pumps can pump flowable material back into storage tanks or reservoirs. Additional truck-mounted pumps allow us to safely and effectively vacuum flammable material and will pressurize the tank to blow off flowable material. These features make our trucks applicable for a wide variety of industrial cleaning needs and ideal for cleaning boilers, dust collectors, hoppers, tanks, wet wells, cooling towers, and sumps.

Hygiene Services
Industrial Hydro-Blast specializes in the vacuuming and cleaning of overhead structural steel, ductwork, and other fixtures, as well as the cleaning of diffusers and air handlers.  Our vacuum units are specifically designed to minimize residual dust, and our crews are trained to work safely in close proximity to running equipment.  Our process ensures safe and thorough hygiene maintenance while a facility remains in operation and production levels are maintained.    

Dust Removal
As an extension of our hygiene cleaning services, Industrial Hydro-Blast also specializes in the safe removal of hazardous and combustible dust.  Our extensive hygiene cleaning experience guarantees a working knowledge of such projects acrossHydroblast Industrial Tank and Line Cleaning many industries, and we consistently exceed industry standards for dust removal.  Our proven solutions help prevent danger to both employee health and our customers’ facilities due to harmful and potentially flammable dust. 

Abrasive Cleaning Services
Industrial Hydro-Blast provides a full range of options for surface cleaning and preparation as well as coating removal. We specialize in the use of non-silica based baking soda which is ideal for cleaning surfaces damaged by aggressive substances and for use in food grade plants, glass lined tanks, or on soft metal structures.  We also have the capacity to employ sand and grit blasting as well as shot blasting for heavy build-ups, rust, and surface and floor preparation.

Sludge/Dredge Pumping
Industrial Hydro-Blast’s hydraulic pumping capabilities allow us to provide pumping services ideal for cleaning clarifiers, thickeners, impounds, and ash ponds. We have the capacity to operate multiple pumps moving both thick and thin material at up to 5,800 gallons per minute and to pump long distances to desired discharge locations. 

Hydroblast Dregde Pumping Sludge Removal Clarifier CleaningStorm Water Cleaning
Industrial Hydro-Blast provides a range of solutions to both public and private sector clients in the area of storm water cleaning and management.  We are able to assist customers in the development and implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), safely and effectively clean industrial storm water systems to prevent stoppages and overflow, and respond should such overflow occur.