Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Industrial Cleaning Studies

Latex Tank Cleaning

A build-up of hardened latex paint in two large tanks was causing problems on the production line at a local manufacturing facility.  The paint build-up was reducing the functional capacity of the tanks, and spilled excess material had created a slip hazard in the surrounding area.  Industrial Hydro-Blast used pneumatic hammers to break-up the solidified material and employed a vacuum truck and high pressure water-blasters to remove all hardened residue, both in and around the tank.  The tanks were restored to full operating capacity and slip hazards due to excess material were removed from the surrounding area.

Combustible Dust Removal

A manufacturer of consumer food packaging was having difficulty dealing with the build-up of combustible dust in its production area, particularly around overhead areas and structures.  Industrial Hydro-Blast was contacted to review the problem and to propose recommendations.  Following the success of an initial combustible dust cleaning trial completed during a plant outage, a second trial was scheduled during normal plant production.  The second trial was also successful and the client was able to meet combustible dust standards in their production area.


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