Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Environmental and Safety

Emergency Spill Response
One of our core functions, and the backbone of our environmental and safety services, is our capacity for emergency spill response.  Industrial Hydro-Blast provides 24-hour emergency response services for clean-up of accident sites and industrial spills and specializes in product recovery in emergency circumstances.  We offer a wide range of turnkey services including spill response, site remediation, and transportation and disposal of contaminated materials.  The versatility of our HAZMAT teams qualifies us to support a broad range of emergency response operations and to integrate our services with other response teams in both the public and private sector.

Confined Space Service
Another core feature of our environmental and safety services is our confined space entry capability.  All Industrial Hydro-Blast employees are trained in evaluation and entry of confined spaces.  This allows us to meet many specialized industrial needs, and, when combined with our emergency response capabilities, uniquely qualifies Industrial Hydro-Blast for a wide range of emergency services.


Equipment Maintenance
One of our major capabilities dealing with environmental and safety services is our service relating to the installation and maintenance of environmental protection and remediation equipment.  Industrial Hydro-Blast performs installation of bioventing systems, oil water separators, carbon filtration units, waste treatment systems, and other types of environmental protection equipment and is able to perform periodic maintenance on these systems.  We also offer technical assistance and evaluation of the customers’ specific needs in determining these solutions.

Waste Management Services
Industrial Hydro-Blast also provides a wide variety of waste management services.  We perform turnkey services such as onsite waste handling and management as well as monitor customer compliance for satellite accumulation, storage, labeling, Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC), and storm water sampling.  Waste management services include sampling of waste, profile preparation, manifest preparation, lab packing transportation and disposal.