Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Environmental/Safety Studies

Process Water Removal

A building materials manufacturer having quality control problems with its product determined that it could no longer recycle process water. The manufacturer had no means to release the water to a municipality for disposal, and the plant faced closure if the water could not be removed from the process. Industrial Hydro-Blast provided over 300,000 gallons of storage and handled the transfer of process water into temporary storage tanks. Over a two month period, Industrial Hydro-Blast personnel transferred the water into the storage tanks and loaded trucks carrying the material to a waste water treatment facility. The facility never lost production due to excess water generated by their process.

Waterworks Decontamination

Rising flood waters reached the water treatment plant of a city with a population of over 100,000, contaminating the water supply and leaving the citizens without potable water. After two weeks of attempting to remove sediment and contaminated water from the plant, the local water authority contracted Industrial Hydro-Blast to assist with the project. Operating around the clock, Industrial Hydro-Blast employed dredge pumps, water blasters, and vacuum trucks to clean settling basins and water treatment tanks at the facility. The water treatment plant was operational within two weeks and potable water was returned to the citizens.


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