Industrial Hydro-Blast, located in Macon Georgia

Commitment to Excellence

Hydro-Blast Vacuum Truck

At Industrial Hydro-Blast, the cornerstone of our success for over 25 years has been our commitment to excellence.  This commitment consists of five key areas.

Commitment to Our Customers
As a company that exists to provide quality service to heavy industry, we believe that our customers form the backbone of the American economy.  We remain committed to these customers by providing a wide range of services that are broadly applicable and adaptable to the most specific industrial cleaning needs.

Commitment to Our Employees
At Industrial Hydro-Blast we recognize that our employees are the cornerstone of our ability to provide quality service.  We believe it is our obligation to remain committed to our employees by creating and fostering a professional and safe work environment while investing in our people through extensive training in industry relevant knowledge and skills.   

Commitment to Our Environment
In a sector and world which is increasingly conscience of its environmental impact, we are committed to our environment by providing our customers with safe solutions to environmental problems and maintaining a cutting edge awareness of the effects of heavy industry on the world around us.   

Commitment to Our Community
Headquartered in Macon, Georgia for over 25 years, we are grateful to the community that has given us an opportunity to be successful.  We remain committed to our community through our support of local institutions and our active involvement in and support of our local economy.   

Commitment to Our Standards of Integrity
At Industrial Hydro-Blast, our commitment to integrity comes first.  This is the commitment on which our company was founded and on which the rest of our commitment to excellence stands.  Our integrity has been our foundation for over a quarter century and will be the foundation of Industrial Hydro-Blast into the future.